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KEYNOTE: The Power of Data Interchange to Investigate Application Attacks

Virtual Keynote October 8, 2020 2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

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Dan Woods

Shape threat research recently partnered with one of our hospitality customers to investigate a mysterious case involving online bookings that were producing a spike in no-shows. An innovative automation attack was uncovered, impacting not only this customer, but a number of brands across the hospitality industry – including members of the RH-ISAC community. Shape brought deep data and insights available from the Shape Network to the investigation. Better and more timely information sharing across the RH-ISAC community can help all of us more quickly identify and stop attackers. In this case study, you’ll learn how Shape can contribute data-driven insights derived from defending many of the world’s most popular – and attacked – brands to help the RH-ISAC community improve security across the community as a whole, at no cost and without additional work on the part of your teams.

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