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Innovation Spotlight: Riding the WAVE to Better Collaboration and Security

Innovation Spotlight October 7, 2020 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

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Kelsey Helms
Nate Icart

Many organizations strive to build an intelligence-led security program, but aligning to a single, effective intel model is often an obstacle. Divergent processes across different parts of the security organization often lead to gaps in communication. Target’s Cyber Intelligence Team has developed a new approach that eases cross-team collaboration. In this talk, we will introduce the Workflow for Adversary Verification & Evaluation (WAVE) Matrix, a multi-disciplinary threat model that organizes tactics, techniques, and procedures in a new way to simplify communication and improve understanding across security functions. Target has used WAVE to dramatically increase the amount of intelligence developed into custom detection. Learn about the birth of the WAVE Matrix, how Target increased its active ransomware coverage by 700%, and how to implement this process in your organization to create massive cross-team security wins.


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